Arthritis & Equinety

"...our mare has gotten a monthly shot of adequan for many years. She has arthritis and muscle/ leg issues. I thought it was worth a try to switch to equinety since it did so many more things. With how she acted with the farrier today was worth this product 100 times over plus she hasn't had any flare ups with the arthritis or hasn't been lame."


Equinety Horse XL is 100% pure amino acids... There are no fillers, no sugars, no starches and NO Loading dose!

Horse XL gives the body what it needs to help heal at a cellular level. When the cells can operate at a healthy level there are SO many benefits that come along with that and you then have a healthy happy horse!

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and horses (and all mammals) need them to survive. The body takes the amino acids and turns them into the necessary proteins it needs to help heal at a cellular level. This could be a softer, shinier coat, more muscle, faster recovery, stronger hooves etc etc etc. Whatever the body needs and where it needs it to help make a well balanced horse!


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