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"Equinety Horse XL" compared to "Tri-Amino"

We sometimes get the question of, how does "Equinety Horse XL" compare to "Tri-Amino".

Thank you so much for bringing this up b/c it gives us an opportunity to educate everyone! The formula of Equinety first started for people in 1998 (for the 50+ crowd as an anti-aging "Youth Formula) and in 2014, we put the EXACT same amino acid stack in a tub and called it Equinety Horse XL! This is the reason it doesn't have the TWO limiting amino acids in the formula, Methionine and Threonine, is because it was first formulated for people. Since the amino acids are targeting the pituitary gland, which is roughly the same size in mammals… and at the cellular level, the body works pretty much the same in the body. After talking with Veterinarians who really understand the power of amino acids, if your horse is 100% deficient in amino acids, the stack of 8 amino acids in Equinety will give them 75% of what the horse needs. The 3 amino acids Tri-Amino will give them the other 25%.... SO, you can give both products to get to the 100% deficient amino acid horse to 100% of what they need. Since horses aren’t 100% deficient in amino acids, it may not take both products because they do produce their own amino acids as well as get other amino acids through grass, feed, hay and other supplements.

The reason why Equinety helps in so many areas is because horses ARE deficient in quite a few amino acids and Equinety has proven over and over again to give them what the need. You can read testimonials on our website: www.TeamEquinety.com/testimonials as well as read the Reviews here on our FB page!

Talking about price... well, Tri-Amino has 3 amino acids. Equinety is made up of 8 amino acids... hence one of the reasons for the price difference. The let’s look at the Daily Scoop of each product:

Daily Scoop:

Equinety = 5.2g
Tri-Amino = 20g

When you look at the scoop size difference alone... a few questions should come up. Equinety has 8 amino acids and a serving size is 5.2g (just shy of a tablespoon). Tri-Amino is 20g which is just shy of 4 tablespoons and only has 3 amino acids. What does this mean? Great question to ask.

Here's what we know about Equinety... it's SPECIFICALLY put together to stimulate the pituitary gland, which releases the necessary hormones that go throughout the body to help heal at a cellular level. This is one of the reasons WHY it's SO effective and helps in so many areas.

Another great example of this is:

When your horse has joint issues, we typically look at giving joint supplements and/or injections. If your horse has hoof issues, we look at hoof supplements and/or creative shoeing… so on and so forth with each issue we’re trying to help our horse with. Often times, we’re trying to give our best guesstimate of what to give and what to target. The advantage of giving a product like Equinety, we’re giving the body what it needs to stimulate the pituitary gland, which releases the necessary hormones for healing and THEN the BODY DECIDES where the best place to send those hormones for the healing is. In essence, it’s customizing to the horse’s needs. The odds of Equinety helping with your horse is on the VERY HIGH side and is only $1/day for your horse.

We are definitely blessed to have such an amazing product for the Equine makes and this is one of the reasons why we recently started the Equinety Podcast because there are SO many amazing stories that come in and this is a platform for people to share their Equinety Story!

Equinety - Helping Horses Worldwide!



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